The following files include all corporate documents of the Association and can be downloaded and printed for transfer of property or for reference.


A set of rules (a contract) entered into between two or more parties.  In this case, it is the Drum Point Corporation (the original community developer but now the DPPOA) and property owners of Drum Point.  These are rules, separate from the By-laws and Charter that are attached to the deeds of property in Drum Point.  Most covenants have been "overcome by events/superseded" by the enactment of more formal and specific federal, state and county laws, ordinances, building codes and zoning law.  

Articles of Incorporation

 The legal instrument that sets forth the name and objective of the DPPOA as well as any other information required for federal, state and local law 

Association by-laws

 The basic rules for the DPPOA that describe organizational objectives, protocol, function and how business is conducted 

Calvert County - drum point roads agreement

 The document, signed in 1994, which defines the agreement between Calvert County and Drum Point "pursuant to the provisions of the Calvert County Road Ordinance pertaining to  privately maintained roads in subdivisions." 

Deed of Public Access (agreement with calvert county)

The agreement, signed April 21, 2009, between Calvert County and the DPPOA that guarantees right of access by the public to Drum Point roads.

Drum Point roads are not private, rather they are privately maintained.

Special Tax District agreement

 Currently, $115.00 / year / tax ID property - This is a tax applicable to Drum Point property.  It is billed and collected by Calvert County concurrent with the County property tax billing cycle.  The STD was requested by DPPOA and granted by the county under Maryland State Law.  All STD monies are returned to the community for community operation, per a budget jointly agreed to by the Calvert County Board of Commissioners and the DPPOA.  All monies are subject to an agreement of expenditure with the County which is reviewed on a routine basis.  This tax is required to be paid by all property owners per the STD agreement.  Failure to pay the STD subjects a property to County tax sale. 

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