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Invasive Plant Species


 You may have noticed a tall plant growing along the waterways.  The plant, known as Phragmites, is an invasive species.  It has a thick stalk that can grow to heights of 13 feet.  The DPPOA is working with specialists certified by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources in the control of this plant, which according to the DNR, “reduces the diversity of plant and wildlife species.”  The following link provides information on how you, as a property owner, might control Phragmites 

Low-Phosphorus Fertilizer


 During the 2009 legislative session, the Maryland General Assembly passed the Chesapeake Bay Phosphorus Reduction Act prohibiting the sale of lawn fertilizer that is not low-phosphorous fertilizer. The legislation helps protect the Chesapeake Bay from high concentrations of phosphorus that can lead to algae blooms and oxygen depletion.


Living on and near the Bay


What is the Critical Area and what are the rules when you live within 1,000 feet of tidal water?  Click on the link for information on to protect the Bay.